Part Time Accountant (16 hours per week) $28/hour

The Accountant prepares financial reports for the Agency’s management and its Board of Directors as well as for funding sources.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

· Complying with Federal and other funding-source requirements;

· Preparing required fiscal reports to organizations, agencies, and regulatory entities;

· Preparing monthly fiscal reports to the Finance Committee, Policy Council, and the Board of Directors;

· Presenting monthly fiscal reports to the FinanceCommittee, Head Start Policy Council, and MACAA’s Board of Directors;

· Ensuring compliance with Federal, state, and local taxing authorities;

· Ensuring compliance with MACAA’s fiscal policies and procedures and standard operating procedures;

· Preparing reports for Head Start grant;

· Contributing to the preparation of budgets for various grant applications;

· Promoting strong relationships between MACAA and federal, state, local, and community agencies;

· Ensuring compliance with procurement policies; and,

· Completing other assignments as assigned by the Senior Accountant.


The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:

· Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting;

· Three or more years of experience in a fiscal-management-related position;

· Proven expertise with automated fiscal applications;

· CPA preferred;

· Experience in a foundation or a not-for-profit entity preferred;

· Knowledge of nonprofit accounting principles preferred;

· Experience with SAGE accounting program preferred; and,

·  Experience with federal grant reporting standards preferred.



Head Start Teacher

The Teacher is responsible for conducting a preschool educational program for low-income children that fosters their growth in all developmental areas. The Teacher works with the Assistant Teacher and the Family Advocate to ensure successful, nurturing experiences for children, while recognizing parents as the most important influences in the lives of their children. The Teacher reports to and is supervised by the Education Manager.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: planning activities that meet the social, emotional, physical, and educational needs of the children; consistently using developmentally appropriate practice; designing, arranging, and maintaining a classroom environment conducive to exploration and experiential learning; preparing a flexible classroom schedule; writing and submitting lesson plans to supervisor; assisting children in becoming self-reliant and in relating to others; designing, implementing, and reinforcing consistent behavioral guidance strategies; maintaining indoor and outdoor equipment and materials in safe, clean condition; using various assessments to individualize the educational program for each child and ensuring that all IEPs are carried out; scheduling and carrying out home visits and parent conferences; meeting regularly with the center team to review concerns, children’s progress, and daily operations; completing regular observations of the children in the class to determine their developmental level in each curricular area; including the Assistant Teacher in all aspects of the planning and implementation of classroom activities; including the Family Advocate in classroom activities in a meaningful way; maintaining current CPR, First Aid, and MAT certifications; maintaining a working knowledge of the Head Start program and the Head Start Performance Standards; state child care licensing standards; and, other state, federal and local standards and regulations related to programs serving young children; and, performing other job-related tasks as requested by the Education Manager.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications: minimum of a bachelor’s degree (in early childhood education, child development, or a related field); experience in a preschool setting; skill in teaching preschool-age children; strong interpersonal and organizational skills; skill in the use of computer technology including Microsoft Office; proficiency in oral and written communications and in public speaking;  and, sensitivity to the needs of low-income populations and the ability to understand and address positively the conditions of poverty.

Please submit cover letter and resume’ to MACAA Attn:  Jo Nell Chance, Human Resources Director, 1025 Park Street, Charlottesville, VA 22901 or


MACAA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.