Head Start Students Accepted at Peabody School

I am delighted to report that two of our MACAA Head Start students have been accepted at the prestigious Peabody School for the 2018-19 kindergarten class. In addition, one of their younger sibling has been accepted into the prekindergarten program. All of these children have earned a full scholarship (including tuition and all fees) to Peabody, which is a special school for intellectually advanced children.

As the founder of Peabody School and the current Director of MACAA's Head Start program, this is a dream come true for me personally. I had always wanted to establish a connection between Head Start and Peabody and tried back before the school was founded in 1994. The time wasn't right then, however, but now that dream is being realized. I believe strongly that there are academically talented students in all populations, and it is our job to find them and give them the opportunities that a place like Peabody offers.

I urge you to check out the Peabody School website (www.peabodyschool.org) to learn more about he school.

--Harriet Kaplan