Special Donation to Head Start

Jill just had her fifth birthday party, and she didn't receive any toys. Was she sad? No. She was ecstatic! All of the children who came to the birthday party brought something that Jill had asked them to bring--shoes and socks for Head Start children.

Jill and her sister Isabelle were taught by their parents from an early age about the importance of giving to others. Two years ago, Isabelle's party netted coats, hats, and gloves for our Hope House program. This year, it was Jill's turn.

Jill chose MACAA Head Start from among a list of charitable organizations that her mother brought to her attention. It was no easy task for her to choose, but after several weeks of deliberation, Jill made her decision. The accompanying photograph shows Jill with all of the shoes and socks that she collected.

What a wonderful surprise it was for us to receive Jill's very selfless gift!